Premium Plastics

Premium Plastics, the plastics division of Sunpalm Australia is one of Western Australia's largest horticulture products producers and has built a long standing reputation for innovating products based on the emerging needs of our customers from their respective industries.

Over 20 years of exposure and experience in working closely with the propagation industry, has drove Premium Plastics to identify its core competencies in the area of seedling propagations. Premium Plastics is specialising in "Seedling Propagation Technology" with a main focus on producing a wide range of technologically advanced, heavy duty, injection moulded, reusable and recyclable Seedling Trays for Forestry, Ornamental, Vegetable, Herb and Fruit crop cultivation.

Well researched, trialled and proven creative designs of our range of seedling trays by incorporating root trainers and air pruning "techniques", makes them suitable for a variety of crops grown in varying climates and situations.

Premium Plastics also remains the home of the world famous, award winning Easi-Lift Planter Bag and a huge range of innovative products for the horticulture industry for a long time. As the old saying goes, "imitation is the highest form of flattery", and so it has proved with our Easi-Lift planter bags. There are number of counterfeit, inferior and cheap products in the market, some even using similar sounding names as ours and others using our exact pictures that have appeared on our brochures for many years.

Nevertheless, our products such as Easi Lift Woven Planter Bags, Easi- Tie Tree Ties and Multi Flow Spray Stakes are the most sought after and trusted brands within the industry for decades and remain unrivalled in their creativity & originality due to the specialised proprietary know-how and strict quality control.