Pot Carry Trays (More Information)

Can your staff carry 16 Plants with ease?
This revolutionary design enables one person to carry 8 plants in each hand. Minimises stock damage during transportation. Fits all standard nursery trolleys. Avoid double handling, grow your plants and deliver your plants in one application. Prevents the plants from blowing over in strong winds. Made from strong U/V resistant virgin materials. Available with or without water reserve
Code Description Suits:
PTC13B 8 Pot Carry Tray 130 mm Closed Base Black 130 mm Pots
PTO13B 8 Pot Carry Tray 130 mm Open Base Black 130 mm Pots
PTC14TC 8 Pot Carry Tray 140 mm Closed Base Terracotta 140 mm Pots
PTO14B 8 Pot Carry Tray 140 mm Open Base Black 140 mm Pots
PTO175B 3 Pot Carry Tray 175 mm Open Base Black 175 mm Pots
PTC250B 2 Pot Carry Tray 250 mm Closed Base Black 250 mm Pots

* Other colours can be made to order - minimum order requirements apply