Seed Tray 88 Cell

The 88 cell seed tray has been designed in close consultation with many forestry seedling growers in Australia. This tray is suited to growing Oil Mallee, Eucalypt and other similar species by cutting or from seed.

Design Features:
  • 88 tubes per tray
  • Deeper cells for better root formation
  • All cells have efficient air pruning (also available with closed air pruning slits)
  • Tapered cell allows for easy plant removal by hand or by machine
  • Superb root trainers in each cell to promote downward growing fibrous root growth
  • Promotes excellent strike rate
  • Seamless design maximizes bench space
  • Tray design is suited to robotic planting
  • Manufactured from prime grade U/V treated virgin raw materials to provide years of use
Tray Dimensions:
Top: 465 mm x 340 mm
Cell Dimensions:
Top: 42 mm x 42 mm
Bottom: 28mm x 28mm
Depth: 80 mm
Soil Capacity: 98 cc
Product-related Downloadables:
» Seed Tray 88 Cell Brochure