Troforte M Fert-O-Lawn 3-4 Month (18 1 4 + TE)

Troforte Fert-O-Lawn is a biologically enhanced controlled release fertiliser that will improve your lawn with each application. Fert-O-Lawn will last up to 4 months, after which another application is strongly recommended. The micro-prills ensure that Fert-O-Lawn is very easy to spread and will not be picked up by lawn mowers. This product introduces beneficial soil microbes and up to 60 essential minerals to gradually improve even the most depleted soils. Continued use of Troforte Fert-O-Lawn will rebuild patchy and uneven lawns. This product has been specifically developed to promote a more vigorous root system making grass less susceptible to pests, weeds, disease and frost. A better root system allows your grass to survive longer periods without water as the microbes provide natural water retention capabilities which eliminate the need to use toxic wetting agents. Troforte Fert-O-Lawn is completely non-leaching, non-burning, river and reef safe.

Also available to home gardeners through garden centres accross Australia. Please visit for more information and your nearest stockist
Product Name: Troforte M Fert-O-Lawn
Product Code: FTLAWN
Analysis: 18 1 4 + TE
Release Period: 3 to 4 months
Bag Size: 20 Kg Net
Application Rate: refer to Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet: Download
Product Brochure: Download