Troforte M All Purpose 5-6 Month (14 2 4 + TE)

A granular microbial controlled release fertiliser specifically designed for new or existing gardens which will improve the quality of the soil through natural and organic processes by introducing beneficial microbes into the soil, making nutrients more efficiently available to plants thereby improving soil health and the health of the plant at the same time. Low in phosphorous therefore great for Australian Natives too. 100% Environment Friendly.

Also available to home gardeners through garden centres accross Australia. Please visit for more information and your nearest stockist
Product Name: Troforte M All Purpose
Product Code: TFMGP56
Analysis: 14 2 4 + TE
Release Period: 5 to 6 months
Bag Size: 20 Kg Net
Application Rate: refer to Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet: Download
Product Brochure: Download