Troforte M Rejuven8tor 3-4 Month (15 1 5 + TE)

A micro-prills microbial controlled release fertiliser specifically designed to:
  • Revitalise stressed plants
  • Help save water
  • Promotes Healthy Root Biomass
  • Increase resistance to disease and drought
  • Enriches soil Microbially
Also available to home gardeners through garden centres accross Australia. Please visit for more information and your nearest stockist
Product Name: Troforte M Rejuven8tor
Product Code: TFMR34
Analysis: 15 1 5 + TE
Release Period: 3 to 4 months
Bag Size: 20 Kg Net
Application Rate: refer to Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet: Download
Product Brochure: Download