Easi Tie Tree Ties (More Information)

Simply the best tree ties in the world. Made from durable UV stabilized material that is soft enough to not harm your plants yet strong enough to withstand our harsh climate. Easi-Ties expand as your plants grow and do not have the harmful effects that wire or string have on your plants. Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes in Retail, Bulk and Carton quantities.
Code Length Quantity
ETS50 120 mm 50
ETM25 170 mm 25
ETL15 310 mm 15
ETS500 120 mm 500
ETM250 170 mm 250
ETL100 310 mm 100
ETSLOOSE 120 mm 5000
ETMLOOSE 170 mm 3750
ETLLOOSE 310 mm 1500
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